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Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

  1. Jumbo


  2. Dinner in America
    Rebels With a Cause Award

    Dinner in America

  3. Holy Father

    Holy Father

  4. Sun Children

    Sun Children

  5. Conference


  6. Nha Mila

    Nha Mila

  7. Matilda and the Spare Head

    Matilda and the Spare Head

  8. Madly in Life

    Madly in Life

  9. The People Upstairs

    The People Upstairs

  10. The Lamb of God

    The Lamb of God

  11. Come True

    Come True

  12. In the Shadow of the Pines

    In the Shadow of the Pines

  13. Servants


  14. Charlatan


  15. Wendy


  16. My Dear Corpses

    My Dear Corpses

  17. Gorbachev. Heaven

    Gorbachev. Heaven

  18. The Road to Eden

    The Road to Eden

  19. The Last Ones
    Baltic Competition

    The Last Ones

  20. Precious


  21. Step Into the River

    Step Into the River

  22. In the Mirror

    In the Mirror

  23. Karnawal


  24. Between You and Milagros
    Best Live Action Short

    Between You and Milagros

  25. The Wasteland

    The Wasteland

  26. And Tomorrow the Entire World

    And Tomorrow the Entire World

  27. David


  28. Beasts
    Best Cinematography


  29. Should the Wind Drop
    Special Jury Prize

    Should the Wind Drop

  30. Slalom


  31. Spotted Yellow

    Spotted Yellow

  32. Enfant terrible

    Enfant terrible

  33. The Foundation Pit

    The Foundation Pit

  34. Black Milk

    Black Milk

  35. 3 Logical Exits

    3 Logical Exits

  36. Undergods