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Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

  1. The Cat's Regret

    The Cat's Regret

  2. Hope You'll Die Next Time:-)
    Best Film - Youth Competition

    Hope You'll Die Next Time:-)

  3. Lonesome Collectors

    Lonesome Collectors

  4. The Human Part

    The Human Part

  5. The Guest
    Audience Award

    The Guest

  6. Bad Poems

    Bad Poems

  7. Electrician's Day

    Electrician's Day

  8. Víctima Potencial

    Víctima Potencial

  9. Sweet Night

    Sweet Night

  10. Call for Dreams

    Call for Dreams

  11. Flood


  12. Per tutta la vita

    Per tutta la vita

  13. Taking the horse to eat jalebis

    Taking the horse to eat jalebis

  14. Here


  15. With All My Hypothalamus

    With All My Hypothalamus

  16. The Rib

    The Rib

  17. Sheeple
    Best Actor


  18. Wildwitch


  19. Blink of an Eye

    Blink of an Eye

  20. Roads in February

    Roads in February

  21. Let Me Fall

    Let Me Fall

  22. A Siege

    A Siege

  23. Mermaids and Rhinos

    Mermaids and Rhinos

  24. Angel


  25. Aquapark


  26. I'm OK

    I'm OK

  27. Yung


  28. Winter Flies

    Winter Flies

  29. Deep Rivers

    Deep Rivers

  30. The Gentle Indifference of the World

    The Gentle Indifference of the World

  31. Egg
    Best Animation


  32. Husband Material

    Husband Material

  33. When Lambs Become Lions

    When Lambs Become Lions

  34. United Skates

    United Skates

  35. Perfect


  36. Untravel