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Thessaloniki Film Festival

  1. Luz silenciosa

    Luz silenciosa

  2. My Blueberry Nights

    My Blueberry Nights

  3. Secret Sunshine

    Secret Sunshine

  4. Joy Division

    Joy Division

  5. Hannah Takes the Stairs

    Hannah Takes the Stairs

  6. Baile de otoño
    Best Director

    Baile de otoño

  7. La familia Savage

    La familia Savage

  8. La influencia

    La influencia

  9. Lou Reed's Berlin

    Lou Reed's Berlin

  10. The Unforeseen

    The Unforeseen

  11. Año Uña
    Special Artistic Achievement

    Año Uña

  12. Un cuento de verano
    Human Values Award

    Un cuento de verano

  13. PVC-1
  14. Soaring


  15. Orphans


  16. And Along Come Tourists

    And Along Come Tourists

  17. Vasermil


  18. Pusinky


  19. Frozen


  20. Valse sentimentale

    Valse sentimentale

  21. Strange Culture

    Strange Culture

  22. El Greco
  23. Correction
  24. Stars


  25. The Red Awn
    Golden Alexander

    The Red Awn

  26. Elli Makra - 42277 Wuppertal
    Best Actress

    Elli Makra - 42277 Wuppertal

  27. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire

  28. Mukhsin


  29. The International
    Balkan Survey (Audience Award)

    The International

  30. Las marismas

    Las marismas

  31. Bog of Beasts

    Bog of Beasts

  32. The Other Half

    The Other Half

  33. Love Conquers All

    Love Conquers All

  34. What I Know About Lola

    What I Know About Lola

  35. Días de agosto

    Días de agosto

  36. The Zero Years

    The Zero Years

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