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Transilvania International Film Festival

  1. The Blessing

    The Blessing

  2. The Border of Death

    The Border of Death

  3. Ravine


  4. Any Day Now

    Any Day Now

  5. Los inocentes

    Los inocentes

  6. Ultrainnocence


  7. Maya


  8. That Was Life
    Best Performance Award

    That Was Life

  9. No Choice

    No Choice

  10. Against the Current

    Against the Current

  11. Lobster Soup

    Lobster Soup

  12. The Best Families

    The Best Families

  13. Tigers


  14. Gallant Indies

    Gallant Indies

  15. I'm Dorin

    I'm Dorin

  16. Spiral


  17. The Campaign

    The Campaign

  18. La receta del equilibrio

    La receta del equilibrio

  19. Arzak Since 1897

    Arzak Since 1897

  20. Death Knell

    Death Knell

  21. Ane Is Missing

    Ane Is Missing

  22. Explota, Explota

    Explota, Explota

  23. The Food Club

    The Food Club

  24. Treasure City

    Treasure City

  25. The Death of Cinema and My Father Too

    The Death of Cinema and My Father Too

  26. Nahuel and the Magic Book

    Nahuel and the Magic Book

  27. Her Mothers

    Her Mothers

  28. The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo

    The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo

  29. Kokoloko


  30. Final Report

    Final Report

  31. The Flood Won't Come
    Special Mention of the Jury

    The Flood Won't Come

  32. Lux Æterna

    Lux Æterna

  33. My Morning Laughter

    My Morning Laughter

  34. A Thief's Daughter

    A Thief's Daughter

  35. #martyisdead


  36. Mamonga