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Warsaw International Film Festival

  1. The Last in a Line of Fishermen
    Best Documentary Short

    The Last in a Line of Fishermen

  2. The Bridge at the Brogs

    The Bridge at the Brogs

  3. The Bear

    The Bear

  4. Strong Independent Space

    Strong Independent Space

  5. Poetika Anima

    Poetika Anima

  6. Pillowface


  7. Patchwork


  8. On the Side

    On the Side

  9. Neptune


  10. My Strange Older Brother

    My Strange Older Brother

  11. My Branch So Thin
    Best Live Action Short

    My Branch So Thin

  12. Loved Ones

    Loved Ones

  13. Helix


  14. Golden Life

    Golden Life

  15. Don't Touch Anything

    Don't Touch Anything

  16. Dancing for You

    Dancing for You

  17. Coffee Break

    Coffee Break

  18. Boys with Butterflies
    Mención especial: Short Films Competition

    Boys with Butterflies

  19. Concerto for Two

    Concerto for Two

  20. Sorcerer


  21. The Cacophony of Donbass

    The Cacophony of Donbass

  22. The Blue Scallywags

    The Blue Scallywags

  23. From Knee to Heart

    From Knee to Heart

  24. Fading Mountains
    Mención especial: Documentary Competition

    Fading Mountains

  25. Border Cut

    Border Cut

  26. Out of Crimes

    Out of Crimes

  27. Metal Politics Taiwan

    Metal Politics Taiwan

  28. Before the Ferry Arrives

    Before the Ferry Arrives

  29. Thou Shalt Not Kill

    Thou Shalt Not Kill

  30. Pure Land
    Mención especial: Competition 1-2

    Pure Land

  31. New Skin

    New Skin

  32. New Life, Inc

    New Life, Inc

  33. The Goose Goes South

    The Goose Goes South

  34. The Fall
    NETPAC Award

    The Fall

  35. The Delegation

    The Delegation

  36. School Service

    School Service