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35 rhums

Dirigida por Claire Denis
Francia, Alemania, 2008
Drama, Romántico


35 rhums es la conmovedora historia de un padre y una hija muy unidos cuya relación se ve quebrantada por un un atractivo pretendiente.

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35 rhums Dirigida por Claire Denis
[It] doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about the usual conventions of storytelling or character development or exposition or dramatic arcs or stakes. . . . It’s more about dancing, meditation, and family romance. Denis dispenses with the tired mechanics of by-the-numbers cinema and just leaves in all the gold, which has the added advantage of making everything so wonderfully ambiguous.
May 24, 2018
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Numerous scenes burn into the mind, including major events like suicide and marriage, but the fullest expression of the film’s gentle evocation of time comes when Gabrielle’s car breaks down in a rainstorm as she drives Lionel, Jo and Noé to a concert…
March 12, 2015
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Denis’ use of the static camera in the domestic scenes not only provides the setting with a sense of stability but also serves to create pauses in which we have time to reflect on the characters, their lives, and their interactions through the view of the environment of their everyday life.
September 01, 2012
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