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La naranja mecánica

A Clockwork Orange

Dirigida por Stanley Kubrick
Estados Unidos, Reino Unido, 1971
Drama, Ciencia-ficción, Culto


Ambientada en la Inglaterra del futuro la película sigue la vida de un joven de 18 años llamado Alex DeLarge cuyos placeres son la música de Ludwig van Beethoven, el sexo y la ultraviolencia. Alex es un carismático y psicopáta delincuente, líder de una pequeña pandilla de “drugos”.

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La naranja mecánica Dirigida por Stanley Kubrick
Burgess’s haunted memories and, at times, guilt, hung over the picture like some kind of Kubrickian bi-proxy (whose own family would be threatened because of the movie, according to Kubrick’s wife), mirroring why it’s so powerful and enduring, upsetting and exciting. Why it gives you a rush and slaps you down, and almost guiltily, lifts you back up – a brilliant, sexy, disgusting, funny, violent political satire that thrills and sickens.
December 17, 2016
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Surprised to discover that all the stuff I recalled with awe is in the first 20 minutes; so what happens in the other 120? Not a lot, it turns out, the final hour – after Alex is released – being especially dreary, and not even totally convincing thematically. Still a very striking texture, which explains why it’s hard to shake; but there’s not much beneath the flashy trappings.
August 22, 2015
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If Dr. Strangelove is Stanley Kubrick on Mad Magazine, Clockwork is Stanley Kubrick on Zap! Comix, or something like that… There’s so much here that’s dispiriting, puzzling; there’s an amazing amount of bravura, too-bravura, filmmaking done in the service of a vision so narrow and monochromatic that it’s almost…hell, I don’t know what it is.
January 10, 2015
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