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Una Partida de campo | Un día en el campo | Una salida al campo

Partie de campagne

Dirigida por Jean Renoir
Francia, 1946
Corto, Drama, Romántico


Narra la historia de una familia que pasa un domingo a orillas del Sena. Mientras los hombres de la familia duermen la siesta, unos jóvenes remeros invitan a la madre y a la hija a dar un paseo en barca.

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Una Partida de campo | Un día en el campo | Una salida al campo Dirigida por Jean Renoir
If Night at the Crossroads is defined by its aura of hazy entrapment and immobility for most of its length, A Day in the Country, whilst seemingly far more placidly paced and becalmed than Renoir’s headlong contemporary fables, is actually rendered in a mode of constant, restless motion, conveying the giddy thrill of escaping a city where “there’s not enough oxygen,” as Dufour proclaims, into a land of sun, greenery, and lung-filling freshness.
February 04, 2018
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Their meeting is brief but fateful, and Renoir handles their encounter in shorthand, punctuated by one of the great close-ups in cinema. It closes in on Henriette and is an image of overwhelming exhaustion. Henri is not who she thought he was. Henriette is not who he thought she was. And so they are left together with a memory they will keep close to their hearts and never tell another soul.
May 23, 2017
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…Renoir does something extraordinary; what follows is a calm montage of the countryside right before a storm—reeds, clouds, trees, and raindrops puncturing the river’s surface. It’s tranquil and tempestuous, and suggests a romance bursting forth with a slight hint of violence. The montage also expresses what the plot presently will tell: The romance won’t last to the end of the day.
August 16, 2016
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