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Un rey en Nueva York

A King in New York

Dirigida por Charlie Chaplin
Reino Unido, 1957
Comedia, Drama


Fleeing revolution in his country, a European monarch seeks refuge in New York. Completely broke, he stars in TV commercials to fund his living expenses. When he meets a boy whose parents are persecuted by the House Committee on Un-American Activities, he takes the homeless teen under his wing.

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Un rey en Nueva York Dirigida por Charlie Chaplin

Reseñas críticas

Time has proven this a remarkably wise picture, defined by a generosity towards nearly all of its characters… Chaplin presents the relationship with surprisingly little sentimentality, which might be why the film’s ending—a tragic reversal of the reunion that closes CITY LIGHTS—is among the most devastating moments in Chaplin’s career.
March 03, 2017
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