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Redada en Harlem

A Rage in Harlem

Dirigida por Bill Duke
Estados Unidos, Reino Unido, 1991
Comedia, Policíaco


Jackson is a naïve accountant at a Harlem funeral parlor who’s slightly on the pious side. But when sexy vamp Imabelle hits town with a trunk full of stolen gold, Jackson’s world takes a spin.

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Redada en Harlem Dirigida por Bill Duke

Reseñas críticas

The movie has a relatively routine plot about a treasure chest full of gold stolen (in the precredits sequence) in Natchez, Mississippi, that turns up in Harlem. But what gives it life is the broad range of characters and character acting such a story permits—rarely have so many talented black actors been allowed so much leeway to show what they can do.
May 02, 1991
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