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Valoraciones & Críticas

  1. Jesse Gohier-Fleet's rating of the film Ágora

    People made this. It was a mistake. Save yourselves and watch shrek 2 with your time.

  2. Rex Freeman's rating of the film Ágora

    Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, not around the eyes, look into my eyes.

  3. Süreyya Barutçu's rating of the film Ágora

    Besim Tibuk'un önerisiyle izlediğim Agora, beklentimin altında kalsa da gene de 2,5’tan 3'ü hak ediyor. Prodüksiyon, o bütçeye göre cılız kalmış. Başroldeki İngiliz aktrist filmi sürüklüyor. Film insana bilim tarihi veya dinler tarihi veya Mısır tarihi gibi konularda bir görgü verse de, prodüksiyondaki cılızlık genel dramatik yapıyı da olumsuz yönde etkilemiş.

  4. Gabriel Ribeiro Alfredo's rating of the film Ágora

    This movie is too long for his own good but has one of my favorite historical figures Hypatia, beautifully played by Rachel Weizs. The script is great and you have Oscar Isaac as a plus. Good film.

  5. Marco B.'s rating of the film Ágora

  6. pluviosity's rating of the film Ágora

    The movie was very anti-religion (Christian, mostly), but then it seemed like it criticized science as well (philosophy, in this case)—whereas the philosopher distancing themselves from the conflict, with privilege of perhaps maybe helping once in a while.

  7. ceknklsn's rating of the film Ágora

    77/100 (Nice idiotik filmler 4,5/5 alırken bu filmin aldığı puana bak. İlla ki bir sanat yapmak için ve bir şeyler anlatmak için sürrealizm adı altında absürdizmin gerekmeyeceğini o kalın kafanıza sokamadınız. Agora kötü film izlemekten sıkılan bana uzun bir süre sonra nefes aldırdı. Görüntü yönetimi, realizmi ve yobazlığa karşı sert duruşuna rağmen kimi çevrelerce Avengers'tan bile düşük puan alsa da hem de !!!)

  8. Masoud Einabadi's rating of the film Ágora

  9. Dalibor's rating of the film Ágora

    Conceived as a critique of religious fundamentalism, but relaying way too much on historical fiction to be one, the film expresses its luxurious scenography and monumental frames to woo any naive viewers. Parallel between the incomprehensibility of space and human stupidity is solid at first, but turns out slim and too sentimental.

  10. Leif Erikson's rating of the film Ágora

    As far as I am aware, your God has not yet proved himself to be more just or more merciful than his predecessors...

  11. Erica Narduzzi's rating of the film Ágora

  12. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film Ágora

    My favorite work by Amenabar. An infuriating piece of human history, about how Christians destroyed the ancient library of Alexandria. Should be required viewing in middle schools despite some historical inaccuracies.

  13. Lou's rating of the film Ágora

    One of few films that focuses of the story of the female lead, and let her have her passion - which is not a man. Worth watching only for this reason!

  14. Wahid Khan's rating of the film Ágora

    Magnificent. A stunning masterpiece.

  15. Victor Gonzalez's rating of the film Ágora

  16. Ayesha Casely-Hayford's rating of the film Ágora

    I hope if this is ever made again they will put some black people in it. The absence makes this film too painful to watch. Lack of artistic integrity.

  17. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Ágora

    A thinking man's sword and sandals epic with a powerhouse performance from Rachael Weisz. Its depiction of religious fundamentalism is just as relevant now as it was then and the whole thing is beautifully shot.

  18. alimcintyre's rating of the film Ágora

    Beautiful photography and attention to detail but ultimately a little boring. Rachel Weisz saved it from disaster.

  19. Benjamin Smith-Haddon's rating of the film Ágora

    robespiere is right. So is Superfrog.

  20. Ladyslobberin's rating of the film Ágora

  21. Penelope q's rating of the film Ágora

    An excellent depiction of professor Hypatia of Alexandria and the destruction of the Alexandria library by the christians. Always religion trying to fight reason, always burning, bringing universal knowledge to the dark ages.

  22. Steve Thompson's rating of the film Ágora

    Though bombastic and overcooked in emotional and thematic development, this ambitious tale of ancient Alexandria has some genuine philosophical and ethical integrity, not least due to its solid research and keen relevance to contemporary issues of gender, education and religious fanaticism. Rachel Weisz as earnest but heroic philosopher Hypatia also lends enough genuine dramatic quality to redeem the spectacle.

  23. Superfrog's rating of the film Ágora

    Somewhere between Lord of the Rings and Gibson's passion of the Christ. Boring, overly theatrical, too many pointless battles, and with the political/social analysis depth close to 0.

  24. Kevino's rating of the film Ágora

    The god is killing us. Such an educational film