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Subida al cielo

Dirigida por Luis Buñuel
México, 1952


A young bridegroom receives the terrible news that his mother is dying, and takes a long and dangerous bus trip to the city to contact a notary for her last will and testament.
(Also known as Mexican Bus Ride.)

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Subida al cielo Dirigida por Luis Buñuel

Reseñas críticas

If the film is not particularly surreal (with the exception of a dream sequence), it is still jam-packed with Freudian motifs: mothers blend with lovers for instance, and unconscious wishes with happy accidents. Interestingly, a sort of trickster morality that is more Homeric than Catholic begins to make itself felt as the film progresses. It is the strangeness of this ancient morality that gives MEXICAN BUS RIDE a little of that familiar uneasiness, and makes it feel like a Bunuel film.
July 19, 2013
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