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Babylon 5

Estados Unidos, 1994
Series de TV, Ciencia-ficción, Drama


In the mid 23rd Century, the Earth Alliance space station Babylon 5, located in neutral territory, is a major focal point for political intrigue, racial tensions and various wars over the course of five years. Five seasons, and 110 episodes in total.

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Babylon 5 Dirigida por Mike Vejar, David J. Eagle, Janet Greek ...

¿Qué dicen los demás?

  • Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Babylon 5

    Was probably too ambitious for it's own good, but this was the first true adult science fiction show that tried to tell a long-running arc over the entire show. It also dared to do plot twists and shocking revelations that no other science fiction shows had done to that time. Sadly a lot of the acting was exceptionally bad, especially from guest actors and the first and last seasons has some dreadful writing.