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Antes de amanecer

Before Sunrise

Dirigida por Richard Linklater
Estados Unidos, Austria, 1995
Romántico, Drama, Comedia


Un joven periodista norteamericano que acaba de romper con su novia y una estudiante francesa se conocen casualmente en el tren Budapest-París, y entablan conversación. A raiz de esto, ambos se embarcan en una expedición por Viena.

Antes de amanecer Dirigida por Richard Linklater
It was all too easy to dismiss at the time as just another Generation X romantic comedy. (Many critics did.) A closer look reveals just how astute it is as a portrait of youth in all its insecurity and hopefulness. The ritual of courtship is all about self-presentation, and as with most tales of new love, backstory moves into the foreground. But the script locates its tension and drama not just in what their protagonists reveal about themselves but, more crucially, in when and how.
March 01, 2017
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When one looks back on a relationship, it is not usually the “plot” of it that remains. It is the small sensory things, how the person smelled, how the person’s eyes crinkled up when laughing, the way the light was that night of the first kiss. The tangible intangibles. Before Sunrise gets that right on a cellular level only through its devotion to details, to behavior, to the simple act of listening and talking, to the silences that open up when things start to get serious.
January 28, 2015
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More so than any screen romance I know, BEFORE SUNRISE exalts the pliability of gender roles and records a desperate, joyous urge to inhabit another person’s consciousness… When Delpy sits in a restaurant, leans into her imaginary telephone, and belches, “Hey dude, what’s up?,” we’re witnessing one of the most quietly utopian moments in movies.
August 30, 2013
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