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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Dirigida por Fritz Lang
Estados Unidos, 1956
Policíaco, Drama, Film noir


Fritz Lang’s last U.S. movie is this intriguing film noir about a novelist (Dana Andrews) out to expose the injustices of capital punishment.

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Más allá de la duda Dirigida por Fritz Lang

Reseñas críticas

Visually barren and somewhat enervated, the movie nevertheless has a powerful sense of implacable fate — Lang’s not least. “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” might have been named for his 1920 melodrama, “The Weary Death”; set in Weimar Berlin it could have been a gem.
April 27, 2018
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It is up to the spectator to assume responsibility not only for the thoughts and ‘motives’ of the characters, but for this movement from the Interior, grasping the phenomenon solely on its appearances. . . . What, then is this film really? Fable, parable, equation, blueprint? None of these things, but simply the description of an experiment.
November 01, 1957

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