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Black Mirror: Crocodile

Dirigida por John Hillcoat
Estados Unidos, 2017
Ciencia-ficción, Thriller, Drama


The episode comes from director John Hillcoat (“The Proposition,” “The Road,” “Triple 9”), stars Andrea Riseborough, Andrew Gower, and Kiran Sonia Sawar, and it involves delving into memories to find out the truth behind an accident.

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Black Mirror: Crocodile Dirigida por John Hillcoat


BAFTA Awards (Scotland)

2018 | Nominado: Best Actress Television

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  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Black Mirror: Crocodile

    I'm puzzled by the decision to draft John Hillcoat - a filmmaker with a keen eye, who ensures this is one of the best looking "Black Mirror" episodes yet - to direct a screenplay this half-formed. The Hitchcockian moral dilemma at the heart of the story is undone by the fact that our protagonist appears to be a complete psychopath, and if the ending is intended to serve as a grim punchline, well, I didn't laugh.

  • ig_____or's rating of the film Black Mirror: Crocodile

    Loved the leading actress and the Icelandic landscapes were a marvel to look at... However, the memory theme has already been (better) explored in other episodes. The chain of people and events that lead to the killing spree could have been more enigmatic, it felt too linear... Not the most memorable episode. The hamster "twist" was a failed punch-line.

  • Palmat's rating of the film Black Mirror: Crocodile

    Another solid but slightly underwhelming episode. It looks and sounds great and the performances are spot on. The writing is however not that strong it feels that the gist of the story has been done before in this series. And eventhough it is bleak as fuck I found it hard to care get involved due to the lacklustre plot progression.

  • saitosouta's rating of the film Black Mirror: Crocodile

    Poate dacă această dramă ar fi făcut în anii' 90, asta ar fi o comedie neagră ca filmele lui frați Coen. Dar "Crocodile" este o dramă necruțătoare de către un dispozitiv atractiv despre memorie și act intens al Andreei Riseborough. Ultima secvență este sfîșietor cu adevărat. // おそらく今作は90年代に作られていたら、コーエン兄弟が作ったようなブラックコメディになっていただろう。しかし記憶にまつわる魅力的なガジェットとアンドレア・ライズボローの張り詰めた演技によって、今作は酷薄で容赦ないドラマ作品になっている。ラストシーンは頗る悲痛だ。

  • smndvdcl's rating of the film Black Mirror: Crocodile

    As much as I think Riseborough is a marvellous actress, the premise of this 'Black Mirror' episode was not the finest hour for the franchise.

  • low's rating of the film Black Mirror: Crocodile

    1. she's like really tiny and weak looking, how can she kill everyone so easily? the attacking scenes are embarrassing 2. what the hell is this architecture stuff going on, doesn't really add up to the story. the artsy hair doesn't fit her for sure 3. wtf is crocodile 4. kudos for killing a baby on a tv show, dat some hardcore shit bro 5. I lost it when they decided to dig out memories from a guinea pig

  • Levi Miah's rating of the film Black Mirror: Crocodile

    Best cinematography up to this point, falling into a sort of wintery giallo territory, but some of the story choices were just silly and it's usage of technology within the plot was almost pointless and used to push the plot forward rather than actually comment on how our society will use or misuse that technology in the future, which I thought was the basis of the show...

  • Benjamin Reid's rating of the film Black Mirror: Crocodile

    Major Fargo and The Vanishing vibes. The performances were easily the highlight of this one. It was nice seeing this type of story with two women as leads. Sawar is a great find. The mental torture of the characters and the lack of logic displayed by Riseborough's character were sometimes a bit too much to handle, but it at least kept a strong feeling of suspense throughout. The end during the recital was fantastic.

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