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Cisne negro

Black Swan

Dirigida por Darren Aronofsky
Estados Unidos, 2010
Terror, Thriller


Nina es una tímida pero dedicada bailarina en su compañía, dominada por su omnipresente madre que la mantiene en un estado de infancia permanente, bailando día y noche bajo su atención sofocante. La llegada de una nueva bailarina le hará enfrentar la pérdida de la inocencia a través de los excesos.

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Cisne negro Dirigida por Darren Aronofsky


Venice Film Festival

2010 | Ganador: Marcello Mastroianni Award

Academy Awards

2011 | Ganador: Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

2011 | 4 nominaciones incluyendo: Best Motion Picture of the Year

¿Qué dicen los demás?

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film Cisne negro

    If you thought that The Red Shoes wasn't dark enough and wish Repulsion had more ballet, Darren Aronofsky has you covered. So it's a movie about the pain of perfectionism in art, but there's another, more interesting movie in here about the pain of perfectionism in womanhood. That having been said, I wish the film were more even, or that it didn't go to such pains to sacrifice subtlety for horror. 4 out of 5 stars.

  • tidal waif's rating of the film Cisne negro

    this is good as a discovery channel commercial: effective and previsible, with studied spontaneity and common sense logic, undaring and unsurprising, with well-worked visuals suit to illustrate the last discoveries of science. with all its merits, the concoction is more of a functional design product and less of a truly artistic experience. it must`ve been expensive.

  • Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film Cisne negro

    Holy shit, what an incredibly stressful and intense film. Very easy to compare to Aronofsky's The Wrestler, but where is that was an aching wound that refused to heal, this is death by a thousand cuts, all of them self-inflicted. Natalie Portman is stunning in the lead role. Watching her fall apart is incredibly difficult to watch, especially with mother from hell Hershey. But I prefer Red Shoes or Perfect Blue.

  • Ethan's rating of the film Cisne negro

    This is the performance of Natalie Portman's career and she received a well deserved Oscar for a performance that is on the same level as DeNiro's performance in Raging Bull. I'm not a big Aronofsky fan but I love this film. It could just be because of Natalie Portman's excellent performance and the really good lesbian scene between her and Mila Kunis.

  • Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Cisne negro

    A l'exception du virage fantastique d'un intérêt discutable, le film met le spectateur en tension. Tension sexuelle aussi avec des scènes où les 2 jeunes femmes se testent, se jaugent avant que de se sauter dessus. Aronofsky reste intelligemment dans le lesbien suggéré, bien loin des agaçantes scènes pornographiques gay trop complaisamment présentées récemment.

  • ig_____or's rating of the film Cisne negro

    I watched it again a few days ago and it's gotten even better! This is just an outstanding psychological thriller that keeps tricking you again and again so that you can totally relate to the craziness that is taking over Nina as the movie progresses. Every supporting character is interesting in some way, the special effects are used where and when they should be used, amazing cinematography and soundtrack. Perfect.

  • Daniel Roque's rating of the film Cisne negro

    It took me a few years to watch this for a second time, mostly because I was afraid I didn't have the same psychological experience from the first one. Fortunately it was as good, if not better! Portman is incredible as the tormented Nina and the cinematography is amazing, specially the masterfully directed dance scenes - it definitely made me appreciate ballet a little bit more.

  • Fred Savard's rating of the film Cisne negro

    laughable and predictable... filled with so many clichés... the bad girl / good girl, oh excuse me, I mean, the white swan / black swan dichotomy is expressed in such a caricatural an exaggerated way that it's almost embarrassing... certainly did not live up to the hype surrounding it or to my expectations for that matter...

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