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Seis mujeres para el asesino

Sei donne per l'assassino

Dirigida por Mario Bava
Italia, Francia, 1964
Terror, Misterio, Thriller


A shocking sixties-style exploitation giallo, featuring a faceless killer going serial killer crazy to gruesomely murder the beautiful fashion models in an upscale salon.

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Seis mujeres para el asesino Dirigida por Mario Bava

Reseñas críticas

Bava floods the eye with stimulation, overwhelming our senses so much that the subtle and ingenious plot rushes by in a blur—an effect that would come to be a major component of the giallo. Purples, reds, golds, greens, blues, and occasional stark whites inform the images, motivated by subjective rather than objective instincts.
July 24, 2016
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For all its visual beauty, Bava’s baroque vision here doesn’t display any will to subversion. He’s here an inspired, maybe genius, craftsman who’s content to draw within the old lines. But it’s interesting to look at the range of variation that exists within what a lot of people are willing to lump within the same exploitation cinema parameters.
May 26, 2015
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