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Valoraciones & Críticas

  1. J.J. 'Jake' Gittes's rating of the film Border

    This is strange, disturbing & brave in its own way. There is a sixth sense of smell for fear. A woman which is not a woman. A man which is not a man. Child pornography & abuse. Grub eating & baby feeding. Human's or no humans with tails. Man overboard surviving with handcuffs. The start until 1st half seems promising, but it went 'off the rails' and 'lost a handle' on the right balance between realism & fantasy: 2,5.

  2. Leif Erikson's rating of the film Border

    A perfectly ordinary couple. In a perfectly ordinary IKEA apartment.

  3. hubertguillaud's rating of the film Border

    Border commence comme un polar scandinave et se transforme en un conte naturaliste et fantastique qui brouille les frontières du genre. Expérimental et assez fascinant, le film se révèle singulier et fiévreux, organique et bouillonnant, angoissant et poétique, dérangeant souvent. Comme si les racines scandinaves de Border interrogeaient mieux que quoi que ce soit d'autre notre mortifère contemporanéité.

  4. NICOLE86's rating of the film Border

    A brilliant spin on a Nordic noir.

  5. Bilouaustria's rating of the film Border

    It is nice to be different, but it does not make a film in itself. And if Abbasi brings a lot of ideas and questions (including some mythology), what does he have to offer from a cinematic standpoint ? Always this documentary-like and formless filmmaking. So it´s more a proposition as a screenplay than anything, really, spiced with atmospherical scenes. Let´s say it qualifies as curiosity but hardly deserves a buzz.

  6. Mattia 5's rating of the film Border

    Such a powerful movie: full of passion, desire, repulsion and violence. Abbasi is a great director, capable to tell a story that mixes fantasy and reality, fear and joy, never making it absurd. And what a wonderful cast: Eva Melander is terrific, extraordinary, such a great actress!!!

  7. AugusteB's rating of the film Border

    Great film. Already worth seeing because of Eva Melander's performance. So subtle and genius and moving.

  8. diogo.dsantos's rating of the film Border

  9. lívia's rating of the film Border

    there's so much going through my head right now i'm not sure i'm able to express it clearly. there's some considerations i wanna do, but i'm not going to. amazing (i'm saying this with all my heart).

  10. Andrew Lang's rating of the film Border

    I wanted to love this so much. For some reason, I could never quite give myself to it, and always felt a little outside the story. Still, I value the originality of concept: the combination of genre elements with Nordic folklore produces a film that stands in a world all of its own: I wish you could say the same of more modern cinema. Eva Menandler is absolutely brilliant.

  11. teler_thriller's rating of the film Border

    Didn't see it coming! I thought it's about a werewolf

  12. Jerry Horror's rating of the film Border

  13. pirri's rating of the film Border

  14. lucia lurzo's rating of the film Border

  15. Annie Gentil-Kraatz's rating of the film Border

    That was a very intriguing and strange film but very well told and with unexpected twists. Recommended!

  16. Paolo Utili's rating of the film Border

  17. Mr.Pacha's rating of the film Border

  18. OFF_FRAME's rating of the film Border

    A really clever and confronting examination of identity, beauty and what lurks at the darkest edges of being 'human' great acting sound design and cinematography all bring this modern fairytale to life with maturity and compassion. 3.5 stars

  19. haugenlars's rating of the film Border

  20. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film Border

    A rather strange but rather wonderful paean to the outsider. Synaesthesiasts should be wrinkling their noses in anticipation but it also deserves applause for making an unbelievable situation feel wholly, er, organic.

  21. lorenzoviolone's rating of the film Border

    Weird twisted movie standing out from everything I ever seen ... well worth watching it

  22. Nicole Richie's rating of the film Border

    The way Border plays with film genre, brings its structure closer to the body of its own characters: a body in mutation that doesn't fit in.

  23. Pango's rating of the film Border

    Brilliant film. A beautiful, dark and strange mixed of folklore, Scandinavian noir and disturbing sex scenes. The craft and attention to details of the make up department is simply astonishing. Borders don’t defined us. We are not defined by our nationality, race, gender or our weird genitalia. Loved it.

  24. Jagoda's rating of the film Border

    A brilliant concept, bringing out the Nordic folklore nearly literately to contemplate on a nature of "the other", an identity and a sense of belonging. Beautiful cinematography and solid performances. Also, at times it feels like drinking your own spit kept in a glass for couple of days.

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