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Los chicos del barrio

Boyz n the Hood

Dirigida por John Singleton
Estados Unidos, 1991
Drama, Policíaco


Sorprendente debut del jovencísimo John Singleton, nominado al Oscar al mejor director con tan sólo 21 años, en un aclamado drama que cuenta la historia de tres amigos de la infancia que viven en un peligroso barrio de Los Angeles.

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Los chicos del barrio Dirigida por John Singleton
It risks obviousness in order to chip away at the complex ideas hovering beneath. Take its opening image: a slow push forward toward a stop sign as, in the far distance, a plane flies overhead. You can read the image multiple ways. On the one hand, it suggests possibility: the stop sign as the boundary of blacks’ social status, the limits of the hood, with the plane on the horizon giving them something to believe in. It might also be a warning, or an admonition: simply, "You cannot go here.
April 28, 2017
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There are two elements of the film that shine the brightest. The first is the complex relationship between the conscientious Tre (Cuba Gooding Jr) and his firebrand father (Laurence Fishburne)… The second element of real note is the beautifully dialled back performance by Ice Cube as the powder keg ex-con who wiles away his days sat on the porch, sucking back cheap beer and surveying his crumbling kingdom.
October 26, 2016
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It’s true that Boyz n the Hood is “no fairy tale,” as its poster claims, but the film could certainly be accused of sharing that genre’s lack of nuance. Looking back on it 25 years later, it’s hard not to view some of Singleton’s directorial touches as hamfisted haymakers: the opening shot; Furious’s winding diatribe on the evils of gentrification; the many lingering shots of blood, viscera, and violence. But it’s this earnest straightforwardness that provides the film much of its power.
September 02, 2016
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