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  1. Eriugena82's rating of the film Carlos

    Operates both as a tense political thriller and psychological study of the 'terrorist as celebrity'. I say psychological, but the film makes no cheap attempts to explain Carlos's internal thought processes per se, nor is there any outright denunciation of his political analysis or the conditions of the time. Where the film is critical is in it's depiction of Carlos as essentially a narcissistic psychopath.

  2. iamgeorginarios's rating of the film Carlos

    it was a struggle to watch. i watched it more for educational purposes than entertainment. my perspective is not popular but it is how i felt.

  3. G. Cupertino's rating of the film Carlos

    Praticamente um roadmovie - um pouco mais pretensioso, só que ainda assim ingênuo.

  4. g's rating of the film Carlos

    Si le das más poder al poder, más duro te va a venir a coger. Otro niño rico devenido revolucionario. Recuerdo la foto del Che enseñándole golf a Fidel. Narración implecable de Assayas. Creo que la clave es el montaje y la dirección de actores. Magistral pulso narrativo.

  5. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Carlos

    (3.5) Assayas tiene una amplio espectro de cine. Pero Carlos tiene tantos altibajos que es difícil definir qué tan valiosa o no es esta serie de solo 3 capítulos. La acción, su eficacia como asesino a sueldo, y el carisma del actor sostienen la primera parte. Sin embargo, la segunda y tercera partes parecen no corresponder al mismo personaje del inicio. ¿Faltó tiempo, debió tener más capítulos?

  6. Francisco Real's rating of the film Carlos

    Testimonio necesario de una época de utopias y desilusiones.

  7. Sonia Marybel's rating of the film Carlos

    Excelente papel de Edgar Ramires! Nada nuevo , historia de un terrorista internacional. La geopolítica un poco asusta , el papel de Libia también. Buena pelicula !

  8. alessandrofarris001's rating of the film Carlos

  9. José Fernando Cardoso's rating of the film Carlos

    Electrifying - don't be scared for its almost 3 hours - and complex. One of the greatest films of the last 10 years.

  10. lou.'s rating of the film Carlos

    I must confess I was relatively unaware of this terrorist 'celeb', and I enjoyed so much the watching... it gave me the desire to deepen the subject.

  11. Brod's rating of the film Carlos

    This version looks like a summary.

  12. Henk Lamers's rating of the film Carlos

    Final score: 9. Storyline: 10, Originality: 8, Cinematography: 9, Involvement: 8, Sound: 7, Editing: 8, Educational: 9, Title design: 8, Acting: 9, Interesting: 9, Unusual: 9, Exciting: 8, Superior: 9

  13. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Carlos

    Okay, so I watched the 250-minute cut (about 2 hours short of the full TV miniseries experience). Having said that, this was superb stuff, riveting from start to finish, and with a fantastic central turn from Edward Ramírez. I hope to one day enjoy the full thing, but this will satisfy me for now, and is well worth the time investment.

  14. josé-luis rangel's rating of the film Carlos

    The psychoanalytic lectures of the character annoy me, but I'm in love with the historiographic recreations of actual events

  15. Silke Neryn's rating of the film Carlos

    To the much shorter movie cut.

  16. lesminho's rating of the film Carlos

  17. Vinícius Mendes's rating of the film Carlos

    A atuação de Édgar é o ponto alto de um filme que se dedica a contar a história de um anti-herói. Assayas também acerta ao dar enfoque no episódio do sequestro dos ministros da Opep, mas sem deixar de contar a história seguinte de Chacal. O final parece um pouco mais corrido. Gosto do movimento intenso da câmera, que acompanha a rapidez do personagem. Um bom filme autobiográfico, mas sem grandes suspiros.

  18. Saikat Banerjee's rating of the film Carlos

    Totally Point To Point But It'd Be Enough If We Could Watch The Full, Uncut Film Here. Revolution. About Ilich Ramírez Sánchez.

  19. JohnS56's rating of the film Carlos

    This is the cut version of the TV serial so beware. The feeling of shattered narrative is present because the aforementioned cutting. - Join the PFLP and see the world.

  20. William Wednesday's rating of the film Carlos

    Wish i'd seen it in mini-series form rather than this obviously edited version.

  21. Wesley Pereira de Castro's rating of the film Carlos

    Além de o protagonista ser magnificamente interpretado, a devoção do cineasta às suas contradições político-ideológicas é absolutamente genial, antecipando o tom de intensa autocrítica que voltaria no também genial DEPOIS DE MAIO. O uso da trilha sonora é absolutamente magistral bem como a abundância de identificações de cargos estatais, que chafurdam em meio aos crimes quase eróticos do protagonista... (WPC>)

  22. Mustafa tosun's rating of the film Carlos

  23. Charlie Douglas-Hamilton's rating of the film Carlos

    An intriguing, sprawling, yet continually engaging character study.

  24. Dzinghis the Little Big Guy's rating of the film Carlos

    Whilst this film looked good and was enjoyable, I'm a bit fed up of the Hollywoodisation of revolution. Yes it says it's a work of fiction at the beginning but if I was one of the German female revolutionaries portrayed here as sexy nutters I would feel quite hard done by. File next to that Baader Meinhof film. To change the subject the new Assayas (Double Vies) is amazing!!

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