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4.045 Calificaciones

Un dios salvaje


Dirigida por Roman Polanski
Francia, Alemania, 2011
Drama, Comedia


A fight between two boys in a park prompts their respective parents to convene in an apartment to discuss the situation. However, what starts as a polite meeting among adults descends into finger-pointing, tantrums and insults. Adapted from the award-winning play God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza.

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Un dios salvaje Dirigida por Roman Polanski


Venice Film Festival

2011 | Ganador: Little Golden Lion

César Awards

2012 | Ganador: Best Adapted Screenplay

¿Qué dicen los demás?

  • Mia Calavera's rating of the film Un dios salvaje

    I was glued to the screen throughout the movie. It could have gone incredibly wrong without the superb performance of the cast. The un-nerving part is how naturally the situation develops and how easy it is to relate to each one of them. Love it.

  • Dalibor's rating of the film Un dios salvaje

    Underappreciated little gem of a movie, which daringly attempts to adapt a perfectly suited theatrical piece to a celluloid. Amazingly well balanced and inexplicably entertaining it did, however, come close to falling apart when political implications became flat and acting went over-the-top (I'm looking at you, Jodie).

  • Joshua's rating of the film Un dios salvaje

    I could hardly handle this film. Magnificent, performances and all. I laughed hysterically for minutes on end, because of how fucking true to life these people and their stances are. It's the appropriate kind of nihilism. Bull shit. 5/5

  • Risya's rating of the film Un dios salvaje

    Loved loved loved the dialogue-driven and the acting displayed! I loved watching these four interesting characters let loose and finally unravel. The script was well-written with plenty quotable lines. It manages to obtain splendid humour, social remark, compassion, and passive-aggressive behavior. I didn't want this movie to end!

  • Mr.Wolf's rating of the film Un dios salvaje

    Fantastic, I know this is an adaptation from the play, but incredible. I love the facial expressions of each actor, the way they connect with each other in a way. Yet later it becomes a perfect reflection of what being in a relationship truely gives way to, mixed with the social correct form of ethics, that later go to hell, when each on spews what they think, losing and gaining trust with each other. Loved it!

  • Ryan Clark's rating of the film Un dios salvaje

    A perfectly cast, exquisitely acted play on film, expertly staged by Polanski and company. This biting satire of married life and parental conflicts is very reminiscent of Virginia Woolf, and it's predictable at times, but it's so clever that you never really mind. It would be a crime if each of the four actors were not nominated for Oscars. Just brilliant!

  • chanandre's rating of the film Un dios salvaje

    Huis-clos heaven! That ensemble cast was superb. The beginning had some Haneke to it, did it not? I was reading the credits, and the kids quietly surrounded the stick-holding kid and then bam. Where did that came from. And Yasmina Reza? Hugs? Superb play. The dialogue. The subtext. The tension. The inner violence. Violence within. Like Hitch, "---rather the impression of violence". Polanski is back. YES!

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Un dios salvaje

    One of Polanski's worst films which in spite of a promising start and setting turns the domestic milieu into an arena of mutual cannibalism. This is of course his intention: playing up bourgeois manners, social conventions and etiquette to a hyperbolic degree the film enters indeed a tragicomic universe, yet ends up in animality within the laughable characters in a type of acting, devoid of cinematic aura and impact.

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