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Cat's Cradle

Dirigida por Stan Brakhage
Estados Unidos, 1959
Mudo, Corto


A record of an encounter between Brakhage, Jane, and their friends James Tenney and Carolee Schneemann, it intercuts fragments of each with a cat, floral wallpaper, an embroidered fabric.

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Cat's Cradle Dirigida por Stan Brakhage

Reseñas críticas

Brakhage’s editing rhythms vary throughout, from rapid-fire montages to slightly longer shots that feel like relative oases of contemplation. Through it all, there are indeed close-ups of a cat, whether it’s the entire body or just the eyes, neck, and head. Are we seeing things from the cat’s perspective, at least on occasion? Maybe. Maybe not. Whatever Cat’s Cradle ultimately is, it offers a crystalline example of Brakhage’s lifelong mission to offer us fresh ways of seeing, to sharpen our perception of the world around us.
October 07, 2015
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