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Closed Circuit

System ohne Schatten

Dirigida por Rudolf Thome
Alemania Occidental, 1983
Thriller, Drama


Computer operator Faber works on securing computers for big companies and banks. His private life is rather dull until he meets a strange women, Juliet and falls in love. Her friend convinces Faber to exploit his knowledge to rob a bank.

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Closed Circuit Dirigida por Rudolf Thome

¿Qué dicen los demás?

  • Samuel T.'s rating of the film Closed Circuit

    +The "thrill" here is a magical gentle tension that unfolds via a chess threesome, magnified by Martin Schäfer's sensual camera, and music. The era-appropriate themes of robbing a bank and mastering chess, both with computers, are vehicles to a subtle unfurling, the re-birth of a man (Ganz re-births again in '83 via Tanner). Like many of Thome's films, it's a film about nothing, and everything. Here, love permeates.

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