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Juventud en marcha

Juventude em Marcha

Dirigida por Pedro Costa
Portugal, Francia, 2006
Avant-Garde, Drama


Ventura es un obrero jubilado procedente de Cabo Verde que vive en las afueras de Lisboa. Su esposa, Clotilde, le acaba de abandonar, y Ventura pasa los días deambulando por la ciudad.

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Juventud en marcha Dirigida por Pedro Costa
It is a film of unsettled ghosts and banal realities, of decaying history that cannot be written down but exists only in the stain on a wall, an indentation on a countertop. People lived in Fontainhas who the rest of the city would prefer to ignore, the immigrant poor and their families. But they left their mark anyway. Costa’s Fontainhas Trilogy attempts to capture these marks, and restore to them the physical history of their community.
November 01, 2016
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Pedro Costa’s demanding but rewarding drama, set in Lisbon’s dilapidated Cape Verdean ghetto as it undergoes urban renewal, lends epic grandeur to a scruffy milieu… Costa’s devotion to the spiritual loam of the long-enduring has a Faulknerian charm, as does his tracing of broad tectonic historical movements in the minutiae of ordinary lives and his overarching view of the transition from agrarian to urban, from magical to rational, from subsistence to a toehold on affluence.
July 19, 2015
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For all of the film’s evocations of classicism (Jacques Tourneur and Johannes Vermeer being two big points-of-reference), its production would’ve been impossible without digital technology; the distinctive cinematography—largely lit, like the studios of Renaissance painters, with reflected sunlight—represents the high-water mark of Mini-DV as a shooting format.
October 21, 2011
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