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Dead Man

Dirigida por Jim Jarmusch
Estados Unidos, Alemania, 1995
Oeste, Fantasía, Aventuras


Perdido y malherido, el contable William Blake se encuentra con un nativo americano llamado Nobody, que lo confunde con el poeta inglés del mismo nombre, ya fallecido. Nobody lo introduce en las creencias indias sirviéndole de guía en su travesia surreal desde “La Vida” hasta “La Muerte”.

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Dead Man Dirigida por Jim Jarmusch
Were the opening of Dead Man a self-contained short film, those few minutes would still stand as one of the great revisionist Westerns. At its best, Jim Jarmusch’s minimal, no-wave filmmaking is poetic in the style of e e cummings: no punctuation, full of sequence gaps, and making the avant-garde oddly palatable by stripping it to the bone.
May 16, 2016
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The film itself is cinematic poetry, reflecting seemingly incomprehensible ideas of the natural world. It reads as a poem and even moves like one, with the quiescent interludes providing breaks between stanzas of rhythmic action.
August 02, 2013
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Jarmusch’s ability to transform knowingly and intentionally goofy material into real intelligence puts him closer in sensibility to Hollywood’s great western directors than any of the other revivalists, who don’t seem to have much awareness that anyone made westerns before Sam Peckinpah. Aided by Robby Müller’s black-and-white photography (his best work after Wender’s Road Trilogy), Jarmusch gets a tense linearity to his images, a sort of languid reimagining of Anthony Mann or Budd Boetticher.
August 12, 2011
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