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El destino


Dirigida por Youssef Chahine
Francia, Egipto, 1997
Comedia, Drama


Youssef Chahine’s Al Massir, the story of the great 12th century Islamic philosopher Averroes (also known as Abu al-Walid Muhammad ibn Rushd), who lived in Moslem Spain, mirrors the director’s own ordeal as a writer and artist…

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El destino Dirigida por Youssef Chahine

Reseñas críticas

The boisterous, sensuous singing and dancing of Averroes’s followers works as a weapon against the joyless austerity of religious zealotry. Chahine meant the film to be a warning and a corrective against what he saw as a growing tide of extremism in Egypt and elsewhere. It’s sadly even more relevant today.
October 28, 2015
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Destiny is clearly an act of courage in the face of Islamic fundamentalism, and one of its acts of defiance is to view women and men as equally desirable. Another such act is viewing genre boundaries with an equal amount of liberalism.
April 02, 1999
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  • Jason's rating of the film El destino

    Pleased to have had a part in programming and then watching the new restoration of DESTINY in a theatre with an audience. Profoundly moving. In his GUARDIAN appreciation, Nick Bradshaw called Chahine an "expression of the conscience of his country." DESTINY advocates for embattled values, against fundamentalism and cynical politicking, and does so in a manner that is exultant, popularly inclusive. Brave, necessary.

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