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Valoraciones & Críticas

  1. knockkneed's rating of the film Dexter

    I think about the Lumen romance all the time

  2. paradise lost's rating of the film Dexter

    Still very disappointed with the ending and the last seasons, nevertheless, entertaining crime series. The philosophy and reasons of Dex were somewhat relatable.

  3. low's rating of the film Dexter

    "I dream. I dream I'm floating on the surface of my own life. Watching it unfold. Observing it. I'm the outsider looking in."

  4. Al Sampedro's rating of the film Dexter

    until the end of season 5, it was great... But the braveness from the 4th finale constrasts with the unexplainable cowardice from the fifth´s ending, and from there, one of my favorite shows ever, went downhill to unforeseen limits.

  5. DimasRimbaud's rating of the film Dexter

  6. Corrado Agnello's rating of the film Dexter

  7. Rothaarige's rating of the film Dexter

    4 stars only for the first two seasons. I want to forget the rest of the seasons.

  8. James Mackin's rating of the film Dexter

    Four stars for four seasons. I didn't watch the last four seasons because the fourth season was so good, I figured they couldn't do any better. And I hear they didn't.

  9. RisuSardonicus's rating of the film Dexter

    I'm really conflicted about how to rate this. Seasons 1-4 are great, plain and simple, number 4 in particular is amazing. But from season 5 to the end is an incredible escalation of a shitshow with probably the worst series finale ever witnessed.

  10. mpho3's rating of the film Dexter

    I enjoyed the dark bent of Seasons 1-4, but even then it was hard for me to reconcile the difference in acting acumen between Michael C. Hall and some of the guest actors on one end of the scale and the likes of Jennifer Carpenter and David Zayas at the other end. Also the Vince Masuka character was yuck. It was always a dumb show, but it felt worth watching in the beginning. 3.5 stars

  11. Milena.'s rating of the film Dexter

    The last few seasons push the score down.

  12. Pango's rating of the film Dexter

    5 star to season 1 and 4, after season 5, it's unbearable. This great series has been murdered, tortured and vivisected like one of Dexter's victim. Worse ending of all time.

  13. Gia de Almeida's rating of the film Dexter

    Should have ended earlier. The opening credits were amazing, though.

  14. aurkihnowe's rating of the film Dexter

    As Showtime tried/tries to keep up with HBO, they grab onto a show about a vigilante serial killer, and the ghoul inside us all goes wild. I've only seen a few episodes, and admittedly it's well made, and I MIGHT watch some more, barring anything else to do, but Michael Hall went from Six Feet Under to this?! What a waste of a great actor...

  15. Tiago Inácio's rating of the film Dexter

    4 stars to the first 3 seasons, absolute genious 5 stars to season 4. it went downhill after that...

  16. kyeo's rating of the film Dexter

  17. Ana Sousa's rating of the film Dexter

    The best opening credits TV has witnessed. Miss it beyond words. Even though the ending was very far from what the series deserved and very much a disappointment, the whole 8 seasons were as consistent as you can ask for in a show. Michael C. Hall delivers one of the most memorable performances in TV history.

  18. jxn's rating of the film Dexter

    another case of a show put into absolute overkill. hadn't watched past season 6 (if i even finished that) but damn this was brilliant when it started.

  19. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Dexter

    I watched it in the beginning because it had an original concept. Then I got disgusted by all the violence. Crazy violence in a show about a serial killer? Go figure.

  20. Slow Immersion's rating of the film Dexter

    Although nothing remarkable, this is still one of my favourite crime series; even rewatched it last year and it still was interesting enough =)