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Jungla de cristal

Die Hard

Dirigida por John McTiernan
Estados Unidos, 1988
Acción, Thriller


Un grupo armado terrorista se apodera de un edificio en Los Ángeles tomando a un grupo rehenes. Sólo el policía John McClane logró escapar del acoso terrorista, pero está solo y mantendrá una lucha feroz y agotadora con fin de salvar a los rehenes.

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Jungla de cristal Dirigida por John McTiernan


Academy Awards

1989 | 4 nominaciones incluyendo: Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing

National Film Preservation Board

2017 | Ganador: National Film Registry

Edgar Allan Poe Awards

1989 | Nominado: Best Motion Picture

It’s hard not to be impressed by how persistently satisfying the movie is. No matter how many times I watch it or how well I know the plot beats, each time it begins, it’s like my mind gets wiped clean, and I’m surprised anew by every pivot in the story, by the way the movie’s deceptively simple setup steadily grows into a monster of a premise, full of complicated relationships.
July 13, 2018
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The movie lost me at a single moment, about a third of the way in—when McClane, falling down an elevator shaft, catches himself by the fingertips on the recessed inside of an air vent. At that moment, the rules of the game change—the drama passes from heroics to superheroics and McClane’s exertions rise from extraordinary to incredible.
August 03, 2017
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There’s a remarkable strain of satire coursing through the picture, and what’s being made fun of (and simultaneously celebrated, for audience-pleasing purposes) is machismo itself. Character after character gets himself wounded or ends up dead because he gives into preening male rage and cocky overconfidence.
July 15, 2013
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