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El castillo de Dragonwyck


Dirigida por Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Estados Unidos, 1946
Drama, Romántico, Misterio


A simple Connecticut farm girl is recruited by a distant relative, an aristocratic patroon, to be governess to his young daughter in his Hudson Valley mansion.

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El castillo de Dragonwyck Dirigida por Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Reseñas críticas

Mankiewicz’s first feature, well served by an extensively researched audio commentary from Steve Haberman and Constantine Nasr, is a pre-feminist Gothic featuring Vincent Price’s best performance (apparently he thought so too) and a lot of well-dressed period flavour. It’s also more of a personal effort than it’s usually cracked up to be, even though Jean-Luc Godard, in his first published film review, was fairly dismissive of its overheated melodrama…
March 21, 2016
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Mankiewicz’s incisive visual prose deftly parses the characters’ political psychology along with the lurid romance; he reserves his most poetic flourishes for the whirling dance that snares Miranda in Van Ryn’s web of intrigue.
October 06, 2014
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