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Sopa de ganso

Duck Soup

Dirigida por Leo McCarey
Estados Unidos, 1933
Comedia, Musical


La República Democrática de Freedonia, a cuyo frente se encuentra el muy liberal señor Rufus T. Firefly, se ve amenazada por la dictadura agresora de Sylvania. Dos espías de prestigio, Chicolini y Pinky, se ponen al servicio de Sylvania y del excelentísimo Firefly al mismo tiempo.

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Sopa de ganso Dirigida por Leo McCarey
Beginning with a flash of NRA’s eagle that progressively gets more ironic, Duck Soup’s debauched satire of petty warfare and monied politics has a potent resonance equaling its vaudevillian absurdity.
September 21, 2016
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McCarey consistently brought a communal approach to the construction of his films. He was known for playing a piano on set while thinking of where next to take plots, which inevitably developed from the bouncing energies shared among his lead actors’ personalities. Few better examples could be concocted than the Marx Brothers’ Duck Soup(1933).
July 14, 2016
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You know that thing where you think you love a movie, one you’ve seen many times, one you first caught during your childhood, one which you then grew up with, one you owned on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray? And then it becomes one you watch again, primed to be smothered with a feeling of reflex adoration and… nothing?
January 15, 2015
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