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El Topo

Dirigida por Alejandro Jodorowsky
México, 1970
Drama, Oeste, Culto


En un oeste simbólico, el enigmático pistolero que viste de negro enfrenta a una banda de fetichistas que está ejecutando a los aldeanos. Tras liquidarlos, deberá ir en busca de sabiduría, para lo cual deberá vencer a los cuatro Maestros del Revólver, semidioses que habitan el desierto.

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El Topo Dirigida por Alejandro Jodorowsky
El Topo is from another time, and while what was done then still resonates and fascinates, the constructive controversy of an inexplicable cult-film like this, however creative and astonishing it is, is something less assured — certainly less bankable — in today’s cinematic climate.
September 28, 2018
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Most surprising thing about this famous cult flick is the way it complicates its hero, starting as expert gunman and silent avenger with the film in spaghetti-Western mode, then becoming more unsympathetic as it morphs into spiritual journey.
March 22, 2014
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Jodorowsky’s targets are not hard to spot, nor are they in any way unique or nuanced, but the way that he approaches them is utterly singular to his brand of structured storytelling and makes for often hypnotic, slow-burning sequences and scenes of fiery outrage. Rarely does Jodorowsky set up a shot that doesn’t invite perusal, and the director’s ideas concerning performance are nothing if not interesting…
August 15, 2011
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