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Erased, Ascent of the Invisible

Tirss, rihlat alsoo'oud ila almar'i

Dirigida por Ghassan Halwani
Líbano, 2018


“Thirty-five years ago, I witnessed the kidnapping of a man I knew. He has disappeared since. Ten years ago, I caught a glimpse of his face while walking in the street, but I wasn’t sure it was him” (Ghassan Halwani).

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Erased, Ascent of the Invisible Dirigida por Ghassan Halwani
Erased… offers some fascinating thoughts on the question of memorialization and of the official function of forgetting, when that serves a regime better than true remembering.
April 26, 2019
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Halwani is too lucid and humble to suggest he can reverse these trends, but he uses all the methods at his versatile command—retouched photos, topographical X-rays, poignant flip-book animations—to give long-lost faces and long-denied calamities whatever life he can.
September 27, 2018
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A challenging film on a difficult topic, Halwani’s Erased is well worth the patience it demands. Often silent, consistently methodical, this is a film about the physical labor necessary to prevent cultural amnesia in the face of institutional forces of forgetting.
September 05, 2018
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