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Dirigida por Sidney Lumet
Estados Unidos, 1964
Drama, Ciencia-ficción, Thriller


Miscommunication brings the USA and the USSR to the brink of nuclear war in Lumet’s adaptation of the Cold War novel by Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler.

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Fail-Safe Dirigida por Sidney Lumet

Reseñas críticas

Though Dr. Strangelove was the work of surgical, precise, brilliant filmmaking, Kubrick knew it too well—and couldn’t help but broadcast his genius with every composition and cut. With Lumet you get a more levelheaded, unpretentious buildup, which makes the flourishes all the more hard-hitting—such as a climax that suddenly breaks the studio-bound claustrophobia to show the startling authenticity of New York streets, and freeze-framed civilians quite oblivious to the pending doom.
May 09, 2016
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Kubrickian parody was one inspired response to the absurdity of dual civilizations on the brink of mutual destruction, but Lumet and screenwriter Walter Bernstein’s insights into the ideological horrors of the nuclear age run deeper… So dark a movie would seem an odd choice for a weekend matinee, but FAIL-SAFE is utterly devastating and oddly life-affirming in equal measure. It’s a largely overlooked but critical piece of American mythology.
October 10, 2008
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¿Qué dicen los demás?

  • El Biffo's rating of the film Fail-Safe

    A chilling, masterful work. The Cold War was a mental illness that infected everyone. And it hasn't ended. Russia and USA are still building up nuclear arsenals, Iran is expected to be nuclear soon, and Israel's nukes are probably still pointed at Moscow. The USA media is beating the drums of war today, and we may be fighting Russia in Syria tomorrow. Everyone should stand down and sit down and watch this film.

  • Tigrão's rating of the film Fail-Safe

    Watching this film is like sitting on a razor's edge for 2 hours. It's a really brutal, raw, and depressing cautionary tale of Cold War with top notch performances.

  • Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Fail-Safe

    Where Dr Strangelove depicts doomsday as absurdist farce, Fail-Safe plays it out as real. Lumet's focus is on psychological realism, honing in on the mental strain of every character from the get-go which builds to unbearable levels of intensity. Design, cinematography and the clever use of "negative" stock footage all contribute to the sense of nightmare. Absolutely taut film-making of the highest order.

  • Django's rating of the film Fail-Safe

    A high water mark for everyone involved and in a dead heat with The Manchurian candidate and Seven Days in May for the most suspenseful Cold War film ever. A must see.

  • bernardovazdecastro's rating of the film Fail-Safe

    Fail Safe is the purified version of Kubrick’s Doctor StrangeLove. Without the excessiveness, the burlesc, the parody, Lumet create a film with a mathematical precision, with space and time to breath and think (Kubrick always manufactory stereotype characters). The option here is not to push the button, like a nihilistic, but like a bullfighter where fear and bravery determined the action.

  • FISCHER's rating of the film Fail-Safe

    A l'instar d'un Stanley Kubrick qui mettait en avant la folie d'un homme, Sidney Lumet privilégie dans le scénario catastrophe d'un conflit nucléaire, l'insidieuse et mortelle panne informatique, pour finalement dans un dessein et une conséquence identiques, vilipender, stigmatiser le danger nucléaire pour l'humanité toute entière...

  • Dalibor's rating of the film Fail-Safe

    Progressively more and more tense, "Fail-Safe" is a rewarding psychological and political exploration of a topic it might at times try to over-explain, getting lost in the progress. Cinematography and screenwriting are constantly somewhere between charmingly improvised B-movie production and an indie with strong authors note, emphasized by convincing feeling of claustrophobia.

  • Jonathan Smith's rating of the film Fail-Safe

    A superbly on point cautionary tale of a time when nuclear war wasn't just hyperbole but almost an inevitability. Slow to unravel, but once the titular fail-safe is passed the screen closes in on a circling claustrophobia & refuses to give an ounce of breathing space. Henry Fonda, typically noble & measured, leads the story of quiet desperation. The phone call scenes are brilliantly tense affairs full of humanity.

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