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First Cousin Once Removed

Dirigida por Alan Berliner
Estados Unidos, 2012


Sometime in the new millennium, Edwin Honig—the distinguished poet, translator, critic and university professor—began showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease, which gradually but inexorably brought on the loss of his memory, command of language and relation to the past…

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First Cousin Once Removed Dirigida por Alan Berliner

Reseñas críticas

Like Berliner’s previous films, First Cousin is a work of great compassion for people, which entails striving to understand their flaws and weaknesses as well as their strengths. The films collectively suggest that the best way to understand someone is to gather a picture of his or her entire life, and then find your own within it.
September 23, 2013
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Language and self come across as intertwined and (as for all of us) perhaps more unstable or fluid than we like to admit. Yet even when all else has failed, rhythm and sound endure for Mr. Honig (the drumming, the noises). Mr. Berliner’s use of typewriter key-punches and pings — a sonic motif he has used before — never lets text and writing fade from the story.
September 15, 2013
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