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Estrella de Fuego

Flaming Star

Dirigida por Don Siegel
Estados Unidos, 1960
Oeste, Drama


In the years following the Civil War, western Texas has become an uneasy meeting ground of two different cultures: one white, the other Native American. Elvis portrays Pacer Burton. The son of a white rancher and his beautiful Kiowa Indian wife.

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Estrella de Fuego Dirigida por Don Siegel

Reseñas críticas

For me, the most striking thing about Flaming Star is its open and unflinching desire to take up – and not in a pious, liberal-humanist fashion – the vicious racism that underwrote the old West’s expansionist project… In the film’s story, this toxic prejudice precipitates an existential crisis in Pacer – and he remains, until the end, a man stranded between two worlds, irredeemably alienated, cursed to never know what it’s like to belong anywhere …
November 20, 2016
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America “has a powerful disintegrative influence upon the white psyche,” D. H. Lawrence wrote in his “Studies in Classic American Literature.” The land “is full of grinning, unappeased, aboriginal demons,” and “it persecutes the white men, like some Eumenides, until the white men give up their absolute whiteness.” Such is the meaning of Elvis Presley. “Flaming Star” isn’t nearly as great as “The Searchers,” but it is just as convulsive a western of revenge.
November 26, 2014
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