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Das Fräulein

Dirigida por Andrea Štaka
Suiza, 2006


Ruza vino de Serbia y vive desde hace 30 años en Zurich. Su vida cotidiana es repetitiva, hasta que Ana entra a su vida y trastorna su mundo cuidadosamente organizado. A pesar de que Ana también viene de Serbia, y que Ruza sólo le habla en alemán, una sutil amistad comienza.

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Fräulein Dirigida por Andrea Štaka


Festival del film Locarno

2006 | 5 victorias incluyendo: Don Quixote Award

2006 | 3 menciones especiales incluyendo: C.I.C.A.E. Award

¿Qué dicen los demás?

  • Laura Suffield's rating of the film Fräulein

    A very nice, unpretentious and delicate film about living in a different culture versus the universality of human relations. I found myself giving it a surprising amount of thought afterwards.

  • saitosouta's rating of the film Fräulein

    Simple, popular but layered with hurt-inside nostalgia for home, Staka's heartly look on protagonists, this is incredibly beautiful movie about immigrant's loneliness and sisterhood. Mirjana Karanović, Marija Škaričić is supremely great. I love this DEEPLY. (MUBI)

  • FilmEdie's rating of the film Fräulein

    If the exercise was to avoid many of the problematic devices and tropes of similar films, Štaka has succeeded nicely. Particularly refreshing are the three strong, nuanced women characters who suggest - but defy - common stereotypes. Yet, despite a much improved foundation, and some potentially thought-provoking material, she ultimately doesn't do much more than just reno the same old standard structure. Harmless.

  • Drafthing Dan's rating of the film Fräulein

    Very touching. Ana, a girl from Bosnia, is like a sparkling firework. Her carefree attitude got rid of the fear of jumping over the boundary from 2 joyless and hopeless old women, and she also could escape from the fear of death and loneliness. A different, but the nostalgic feeling toward the common homeland connected these three women intimately beyond the generation. A strong and beautiful sisterhood must be here.

  • Pol's rating of the film Fräulein

    Sensitive movie about dreams, projects, ambitions and frustrations of tired souls that, after mixing up, find their relief in their own and individual ways. Also interesting reflection of past and future of different life momentums, and how people decide to forget themselves to live another life, or the life that may not force them to look into their souls.

  • azoulay's rating of the film Fräulein

    Les migrantes d'ex Yougoslavie à Zurich, des personnages féminins emprunts de pudeur, de solitude et de courage, une sobriété poétique, des actrices habitées, une photo classe et voilà un premier film profond et beau devant lequel l'intérêt demeure

  • Axel's rating of the film Fräulein

    Malgré quelques longueurs, un beau film à la fois sur la solitude dans tous ses états (face à la maladie, à l'isolement, au temps qui passe), mais aussi sur le rapport aux sources. A travers trois femmes de trois âges différents, l'une bosniaque, l'autre serbe, l'autre croate, ce sont trois visions de leurs origines "yougoslaves" qui s'entrechoquent.

  • Charlie's rating of the film Fräulein

    Decidí verla porque me gustó que la protagonista fuera Serbia. En realidad no sabía que esperar y puedo decir que me encantó. La disfruté, me hizo pensar en el regalo que es la vida y en las personas brillantes que, a su modo, me han enseñado a vivir. Para mí fue una belleza verla.

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