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Alemania, año cero

Deutschland im Jahre Null

Dirigida por Roberto Rossellini
Italia, Francia, 1948
Drama, LGBT+


Edmund, un niño de 12 años, intenta sobrevivir en las duras condiciones de la Alemania de la posguerra, concretamente en Berlín, una ciudad completamente derruida tras la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

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Alemania, año cero Dirigida por Roberto Rossellini
Here is Rossellini’s miniature analysis of the life and death of the fascist creed–big-sounding ideals, real murders, and whimpering, pathetic denials of involvement when judgement day looms. In a less crass way than the use of lesbianism in Rome, Open City to depict ther perverting appeal of the Nazi ideology, Henning’s paedophilia visually describes that deep and invidious process of colonisation of the mind and soul by hateful thinking.
January 29, 2018
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An unrelenting searchlight and a humane act of commiseration, Rossellini’s final panel in his War Trilogy wanders through the rubble of Hitler’s children. Foreign soldiers casually drop by the hollowed-out ghost town looking for mementos, underground furnaces glow like hellfire, the Führer’s voice echoes out of an old phonograph: a vehemently subjective vision, the junction of Italian neo-realism and German expressionism.
August 11, 2014
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As the dead tyrant’s vaingloriously hectoring voice resounds through the political Ground Zero of the land he led to its destruction, Rossellini’s notion of the physical power of ideas comes to life with a sardonic irony—one which foreshadows the incomparable pathos to which the movie builds, in its focus on young Edmund and the warp that such ideas wreaks on his unformed character.
May 11, 2010
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