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Gus Van Sant Estados Unidos, 2002
For me, Gerry is the movie that Van Sant was born to make: a deceptively minimalist comedy based loosely on a true story, with an aesthetic inspired by the severe, long-take style of the Hungarian master director Béla Tarr (whose influence the director readily admitted).
July 13, 2018
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Just like the disoriented characters, we get lost in the magnificent landscapes and endless deserts of Death Valley. Gerry was like nothing Van Sant had done before, a welcome provocation in line with the work of the Hungarian director Béla Tarr.
June 27, 2018
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Some of Van Sant’s early films reveal an artist finding his voice; Gerry gave its aesthetically restless director the chance to try on some eye-catching formalist clothing. Its enduring value, then, is that it motivates the viewer to seek out the source of its hand-me-downs.
November 19, 2007
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It was a misjudgement to use time-lapse images of speeding clouds rolling in like smoke off Dr Jekyll’s nightcap, when the picture already achieves disorientation by more furtive means. One of Van Sant’s most effective methods is to allow the scenery to loom on screen long enough for its magnificence to be slightly depleted a mottled mountainside, bunched into folds and creases, comes to resemble a leopard-skin coat dumped on a bedroom floor.
October 01, 2003
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Gus Van Sant says this 2001 feature was inspired by Bela Tarr, James Benning, Andrei Tarkovsky, Jacques Tati, and Chantal Akerman, among others, but it’s far below the level of any of these filmmakers at their best. Within the commercial context suggested by the film’s only actors, Casey Affleck and Matt Damon, it’s certainly a provocation, with a few funny moments, and it’s less phony and offensive than Finding Forrester.
February 21, 2003
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…Gerry reveals itself as a ravishing mix of mystic fairy tale, modern-day alienation, and gay allegory. Affleck’s Gerry puts great trust in the other Gerry’s ability to save him from a physical quandary and to later elevate him to a spiritual one… Not since his first film, Mala Noche, has Van Sant produced a film so pure, uncompromising, and ravishing to watch.
January 17, 2003
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