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Buenos días

お早よう | Ohayō

Dirigida por Yasujirô Ozu
Japón, 1959
Comedia, Drama


Esta película contempla el suburbano Japón de los años 50. Se centra en las vidas diarias de la gente de una pequeña comunidad y en la manera de actuar de estos habitantes. A través de ellos, el film nos demostrará el poder del habla en nuestra vida cotidiana.

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Buenos días Dirigida por Yasujirô Ozu
Watching it again a few weeks ago, I realized that on the first go I had absorbed almost none of the plot. Only on second viewing did I remember anything—and then only because I recognized the speech patterns of a certain character, a grandfather who comes with his wife to visit his children. His verbal tics brought not just the plot but the film’s patient and peculiar beauty back to me in a rush.
July 19, 2017
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In Good Morning, Ozu is always showing us the entire film simultaneously: This is a rigorously controlled, structured, and theoretical work that also resounds with the warm and spontaneous vitality of life—a seemingly paradoxical achievement that exists as a peak of cinematic artistry.
May 25, 2017
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Devoted to both the profound necessity and the sublime silliness of social interchange, Good Morning is therefore much subtler and grander than it might initially appear to be. Commonly identified as a remake of Ozu’s silent 1932 masterpiece I Was Born, But . . ., also included in this release, it is even more interesting for its differences with that film than for its similarities—above all, the difference between what a father’s authority meant in prewar versus postwar Japan.
May 15, 2017
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