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Buenas noches, y buena suerte

Good Night, and Good Luck.

Dirigida por George Clooney
Estados Unidos, Reino Unido, 2005


Narra la historia del periodista de la CBS Edward Murrow y su productor Fred Friendly durante la legendaria confrontación que Murrow mantuvo con el senador Joseph McCarthy, y que ayudó a dar fin a la “cacería de brujas” del Comité de Actividades Antiamericanas en los años 50.

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Buenas noches, y buena suerte Dirigida por George Clooney


Venice Film Festival

2005 | 4 victorias incluyendo: Best Screenplay (Golden Osella)

2005 | Mención Especial: Human Rights Film Network Award

Academy Awards

2006 | 6 nominaciones incluyendo: Best Motion Picture of the Year

Independent Spirit Awards

2006 | Ganador: Best Cinematography

2006 | 3 nominaciones incluyendo: Best Feature

Reseñas críticas

[The use of so much found footage is] a fairly radical gesture, I think, because the “fiction” section, by comparison, feels utterly artificial. The black-and-white cinematography, the beautiful rings of cigarette smoke, the Diane Reeves songs — everything in the film proper is distorted by nostalgia (shades of Jameson’s “pastiche”). I haven’t decided yet what this all means to the politics of the film or to notions of art and history, in general, but I think it’s worthy of some investigation.
April 01, 2006
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Downey and Clarkson’s characters were married secretly in violation of CBS policy; they’re the only characters ever shown intimately, and their fears are depicted as emblematic of the cold-war atmosphere. It’s an interesting way to represent the past, though the use of space, actors, and archival footage seems more theatrical than cinematic.
October 21, 2005
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