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The Hardcore Life

Dirigida por Paul Schrader
Estados Unidos, 1979


A conservative Midwest businessman ventures into the sordid underworld of pornography in California to look for his runaway teenage daughter who is making porno films in the porno pits of Los Angeles.

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Hardcore Dirigida por Paul Schrader
What helps make the film so unforgettable is how much we wrestle with our feelings – ethical, sexual, religious if we’re religious or not and, just, how we feel about our hero. We don’t buy their happy ending… And yet, we don’t have to buy it. I feel like it works even with the weird, tacked on ending because questions linger as father and daughter walk back to their car, ready to return to downhome Grand Rapids.
April 26, 2017
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Scott’s father figure breaks painfully and earnestly, in a stellar series of cuts and camera positions, reinforcing the power of film to show us the disquieting howls of an unforgiving world, through the complicated mechanics of artifice. This is a film about discomfort and loneliness (something that would become trademark for Schrader) in which its characters just simply want to belong, to be a part of something, anything, resembling any notion of a comforting reality.
March 24, 2017
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The disjointed relationship that men have with pornography lies at the heart of Hardcore, Paul Schrader’s film about a man’s journey down the elicit rabbit hole of the sex industry. With a pulsing soundtrack and a riveting performance by George C. Scott, the film tackles the struggles of masculinity in an age of redefining sexual norms.
September 01, 2016
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