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Have a Nice Day

好极了 | Hao ji le

Dirigida por Liu Jian
China, 2017
Animación, Policíaco, Comedia


En el sur de China, una fuerte lluvia está a punto de caer sobre una pequeña ciudad. La noticia de un robo se propaga rápidamente y duranre el transcurso de una noche todos comienzan a buscar el botín robado. Una arrolladora obra neo-noir además de ser pionera en la animación china independiente.

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Have a Nice Day Dirigida por Liu Jian
It’s at once a bloodthirsty genre thriller; a political statement about China, globalization and capitalism; and a vibrantly witty piece of postmodern pop art. In other words, it’s like no Chinese film you’ve ever seen. If you had to make comparisons, however, the film plays like a cross between No Country For Old Men and Jia Zhangke’s thriller A Touch of Sin, put through a coolly affectless quasi-anime filter; although the style and the approach are very much Liu’s own.
February 17, 2017
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The fact that we’re watching a cartoon adds a welcome layer to the experience. As a live-action film, Have a Nice Day would probably feel both predictable and contrived. . . . But the surprisingly vibrant, hand-drawn images of Have a Nice Day revitalize the story’s more tired elements. It may not give us anything new, but Jian Liu’s film looks lovely and, at 77 minutes, doesn’t overstay its welcome. And sometimes that’s enough.
January 26, 2018
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Leisurely and deliberate, intelligent and casually cruel, “Have a Nice Day” is a stone-cold gangster thriller whose violence unfolds in passionless bursts. Opening with a quotation from Leo Tolstoy’s last and bleakest novel, “Resurrection,” this wittily animated feature from the Chinese writer and director Liu Jian presents a generic, follow-the-money tale as a Darwinian commentary on ruthlessly modern materialism.
January 25, 2018
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