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Dirigida por Michael Mann
Estados Unidos, 1995
Acción, Policíaco, Drama


Neil McCauley es un astuto delincuente que ha pasado muchos años en prisión y no tiene intención de volver allí jamás. Empieza a cometer una serie de robos a gran escala, desconcertando a la policía, hasta que enfrenta al detective Hannah, también poseedor de una mente brillante.

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Heat Dirigida por Michael Mann
It’s a great-looking Los Angeles thriller with an irresistible plot (workaholic master detective tracks down workaholic master thief; feels like he is looking in a living mirror); an amazing ensemble cast; one of the best-edited shoot-out scenes you’ll ever see; and all kinds of Mann-erisms that split the difference between effortless, alpha-male cool and mawkish sentimentality.
April 26, 2018
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Capitalizing on the director’s extraordinary capacity for scenic rendering, and playing host to a geographic bounty of Los Angeles locales, the film is a vivid portrait of a city, of the people who reside there, and of the varied textures that bond and extricate the two. Mann infuses and reflects the resulting relationships, developing visual and aural accents to construct and extrapolate character identity.
December 05, 2017
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In Hanna’s case, the film is structured around the toll that being a detective… takes on his marriage. In McCauley’s case, it’s the opposite. When we first see him, he lives in an empty, beautiful house, and is intimate with no one. Later, when he meets Eady and falls for her, he begins to open up. And suddenly, his emotional life starts to take a toll on his work. It’s this contrast that gives Heat such depth and turns it into something resembling poetry.
May 08, 2017
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