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Hell Is for Heroes

Dirigida por Don Siegel
Estados Unidos, 1962
Drama, Guerra


When a weary infantry squad is sent back into battle against a massive German force, unruly ace soldier Reese (Steve McQueen, in strong antihero form) devises a ruse to trick the Nazis into thinking the tiny Allied platoon is a much larger battalion.

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Hell Is for Heroes Dirigida por Don Siegel

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  • Warren Spratley's rating of the film Hell Is for Heroes

    A devastating, bleak depiction of humanity, of actions & the difficulty in determining the moral ramifications of such actions. Though daytime is powerfully rendered, HELL IS FOR HEROES is bathed in a profound darkness punctuated by the piercing, sparkling light of war. Space, vision, life itself: all are abstracted. To act is to always render one's self open to despair. All that is left is a hushed, desolate fire.

  • Mr.Rager's rating of the film Hell Is for Heroes

    Good war movie even in this modern days. Definitely in those times the movie had an impact, S.McQueen being Godlike. Watching this, for me the feeling was genuine like when i was a child and the TCM stepped in at nite right after the all day long cartoons. Broken memories but the feeling have stuck with me and is triggered every time i watch clasic war movies. Decent story, short runtime. 0300 still awake. 6.5/10

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