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Vivir para gozar


Dirigida por George Cukor
Estados Unidos, 1938
Comedia, Romántico


Johnny Case es un inconformista que, enamorado de una chica de buena posición, Julia Seton, debe acomodarse a la alta sociedad neoyorquina.

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Vivir para gozar Dirigida por George Cukor


Academy Awards

1939 | Nominado: Best Art Direction

National Board of Review

1938 | Ganador: Best Acting

Cary Grant gets to show off his expertise in tumbling with a series of spectacular back-flips. Katherine Hepburn is more vulnerable than usual, and makes it work. Lew Ayres is, my God, TERRIFIC — the heart and soul of the film, in a way. If the movie isn’t as well-known as the Hepburn-Cukor PHILADELPHIA STORY, also from a play by Philip Barry, it may because Ayres complicates it, makes it less than totally joyous.
April 20, 2017
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Husband-and-wife intellectual scolds are a bit annoying (not the actors’ fault; the characters are complacent) and it’s true that the sister, “a dull girl”, gets duller according to the plot’s demands – but the family are sympathetically drawn, screwball-comedy elements linger in the air to colour the drama, and anyone who may not have known that Cary Grant started out as an acrobat … well, now you know.
September 27, 2014
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A picture that I think Marilyn (MM obsessive that I am) probably loved. And perhaps related to. Freedom! Expression! It’s hard not to. Funny, carefree, silly, inspiring and yet, curiously sad — sad because you get the feeling that all the exploring dreams its lead character (a joyous, lovable Cary Grant) hopes and plans for, well, they may not work out in the real world. Can one be that simple yet complex and happy and live their life that way?
December 31, 2012
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