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How to Disappear Completely

Dirigida por Raya Martin
Filipinas, 2013
Avant-Garde, Drama


A young girl from the countryside dreams of disappearing. She plays a lonely game of hide-and-seek while her mother quotes the Bible and her father relishes in alcohol and history…

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How to Disappear Completely Dirigida por Raya Martin

Reseñas críticas

This [film] is both complex and evanescent, operating in a formal register of moods and motifs that hover and coalesce quite clearly around certain key ideas (particularly visual ones), and then break apart again. It is a constellational film, one of moving parts and multivalent concept-fragments, and as such any astute or responsible critic ought to be carefully keeping track of the ley lines so as to better trace the various paths opened up by the work.
June 05, 2014
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Here the visual aspects oscillate between the impressionistic and the expressionistic: the former with what is roughcast and deliberately made out of focus, phantasmatic or hallucinatory in their echoes, slowed down to frame-by-frame commitment to memory of suggestive horror, and the latter with its ritualized, religious images filtered in red, pig entrails marinating in blood.
December 21, 2013
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