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Iris and the Lieutenant

Iris och löjtnantshjärta

Dirigida por Alf Sjöberg
Suecia, 1946


The officer Robert Motander is invited to a dinner with his upper-class relatives. During the dinner he observes the beautiful young house-maid, Iris. He suggests that the two of them go out to see a movie. This is the beginning of love story that Robert’s relatives will do anything to stop.

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Iris and the Lieutenant Dirigida por Alf Sjöberg


Cannes Film Festival

1946 | Ganador: Grand Prize of the Festival

¿Qué dicen los demás?

  • josé neves's rating of the film Iris and the Lieutenant

    4,5. 35mm. In the exhausting museum of cinefilia and critic-publicity, cinema's history is an accumulation of consecrated values in hierarchy and as such, in the Swedish cinema, between its silent period's great names and Bergman there is a little known reality. Every time i see this filmmaker's films, i just want to see more and burst with definitive conceptions. Several moments in this film are true cinema lessons.

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