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Khrustalyov, My Car!

Khrustalyov, mashinu!

Dirigida por Aleksei German
Rusia, Francia, 1998
Comedia, Drama


In Moscow 1953 the anti-Jewish purges are ongoing and Stalin is on his deathbed. When General Yuri Glinsky, a military surgeon, tries to escape, he is abducted, taken to the lowest rungs of hell and deposited at the heart of the enigma.

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Khrustalyov, My Car! Dirigida por Aleksei German
It is an unabashed art film, a tour de force through gleaming, gargantuan sets, orchestrated by a soundtrack of effects that skip drunkenly in and out of context, teasing interpretation.
December 13, 2018
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In this snowbound fever dream, beauty and anarchic humor coexist with horror, at times viewed through the glare of lamplight or veils of steam, smoke and falling snow. Elaborate shots flow through labyrinthine interiors, including that of the hospital and the supremely atmospheric apartment, cluttered with taxidermy and crystal chandeliers, from which the doctor’s family is evicted after his arrest.
January 27, 2015
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One of the most disturbing Russian films of all time, Khrustalyov, mashuni (Khrustalyov, My Car!, 1998) provides the audience with a firsthand experience of the madness, paranoia and absurdity that pervaded Moscow during the final days of Stalin’s regime. Seven years in the making, Alexei German’s angry masterpiece is an extraordinary example of cinematic modernism and a visceral interrogation of the calamity of the Stalinist era.
March 17, 2013
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