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La Bouche

Dirigida por Camilo Restrepo
Francia, 2017
Corto, Música, Drama


Un hombre descubre la brutal muerte de su hija, asesinada a manos de su marido. A partir de este momento, se encuentra suspendido en una oscilación que se debate entre una necesidad de apaciguamiento y el deseo de venganza.

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La Bouche Dirigida por Camilo Restrepo

¿Qué dicen los demás?

  • Dogville59's rating of the film La Bouche

    The music, singing, drum beating was awesome as was the dancing and the clothing worn.

  • Cosma's rating of the film La Bouche

    I'm experiencing a process of bewitchment with this filmmaker... This is both nice and painful, just like falling in love with someone (something like: I love you, I will protect you, please don't hurt my feelings...)

  • Jo De Vliegher's rating of the film La Bouche

    Beautiful mini opera featuring great dancers and musicians, well-structured in clear acts. Unfortunately, cinematography was below standard. It seemed as if the camera operator had a broken leg and couldn’t do anything else than standing on a spot and panning around. An overdose of close-up imagery and a lack of variation in perspective further crippled the visuals. I had expected a more creative photography.

  • DrFirestone's rating of the film La Bouche

    This film feels connected with Cilaos in what seems a transcendent way... They both are unique an amazing experiences, which form a diptych and are probably best watched together. While both are unique and beautifully poetic, I felt Cilaos resonated with me a bit more, it's somehow more mysterious and memorable overall. Still, I think this short is definitely worth watching.

  • Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film La Bouche

    Excellent. Great use of traditional jembe and dance, fantastic singing. Unusual and effective. I play jembe, I've never seen such great shots of playing hands and facial movement in a film. Enigmatic, interpretive, fascinating. I often want films to be shorter, it was the opposite with this one, it could have been much longer, more dance, more drumming.

  • P D Dawson's rating of the film La Bouche

    Full of meditative music and lyrics, much like its predecessor, but in this slightly longer film we see a more emotional spirit. Trickery with camera angles, such as a bowl of food, turning into a drum when the camera pans back, are just one example of the clever manipulation of a twisted reality, all heightened by tribalistic beats that only further transcend this stirringly simple yet brilliant short film. Kudos

  • guillermo's rating of the film La Bouche

    Una maravilla. El manejo del lenguaje audiovisual de Camilo Restrepo es virtuoso. Toma el tema tremendo de la muerte de una hija, el reclamo de su comunidad, la rabia, la acción. El estilo me recordó lo mejor de Glauber Rocha, pero con sello propio de Restrepo. También se acerca al teatro en sus versiones más radicales. Tragedia griega, música visceral. No hay justicia ni verdad, pero hay belleza, triste belleza.

  • LibertyCapz's rating of the film La Bouche

    Very similar in style and form to Cilaos (an earlier short film by the same director) This one however wasn't as well executed in my opinion. Had kind of a hard time getting in to it on the same level as I was able to with Cilaos. It wasn't all bad though, there was a few cool moments in this one as well. Especially enjoyed the close-up of the father character's mannerisms while drumming at the end.

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